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Designed Business Interiors provides spaces for people to work, learn, live and heal

From small areas to large projects, Designed Business Interiors can help you plan your space by assessing what you need, how you work and how you collaborate.

A Strategic Approach

Most organizations have a business strategy–a clear vision about where they want to go, how they expect to get there, and how to know when they’ve arrived. Few, however, incorporate their real estate and facilities into that strategy.

You need an office that works for you. At Designed Business Interiors, we give you well-designed, quality, customized choices for your office.

We provide a smooth, efficient, and satisfying experience for you during the entire process—from designing your space to making the best selections in seating, desking, and work tools.

We build your office, you build your brand, choosing with confidence based on our expert advice so you can get on with your work.

We can help you link your workplace strategy to your business strategy and find an edge your competitors may be overlooking.


From small areas to large projects, Designed Business Interiors can help you plan your space by assessing what you need, how you work and how you collaborate.


Designed Business Interiors has a long history of managing big projects. That experience is helpful to any size project we work on.


Our installation partners have years of experience installing large and small projects alike.


At times, it may be more cost effective to refurbish existing workstations. Panels can be recovered, trim and files can be re-painted.


We provide furniture and interior space planning to healthcare, educational, government, corporate and emerging business clients.

We work with clients to design a work space with functionality and ergonomics.

We provide our clients with a variety of quality furniture solutions perfect for their workplace environment.

We understand each segment of the market has its own unique challenges and requirements.

Our experienced staff is trained to evaluate these needs and provide solutions to those challenges.



We have aligned ourselves with leading edge manufacturers in the industry that have extensive lines and quality products to offer you the best office furniture solutions.


Are you getting enough from your workplace? Maybe it’s time to imagine more. After all, your workplace can help you attract and retain talented people. It can foster collaboration and innovation.


We offer our clients some of the most well-known names in designer office furniture.


As an authorized Herman Miller office furniture dealer in Kansas, we have access to the most superior products on the market to make your workspace stand out from the competition.

Cosm, Designed by Studio 7.5 for @HermanMiller, Takes Home Red Dot’s Best of the Best Product Design Award in the “Office Chairs” Category! Learn more about Cosm here:

We believe everyone deserves to be respected at the table, in the workplace, and within our community. Click through to read our CEO’s, take on this, why she’s advocating for equal LGBTQ+ rights, and how she’s encouraging others to embrace openness.

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